Alex Salmond laughs off Wimbledon flag incident

David Cameron and Alex Salmond at Wimbledon cheering on Andy Murray. Picture: Getty
David Cameron and Alex Salmond at Wimbledon cheering on Andy Murray. Picture: Getty
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First Minister Alex Salmond has laughed off criticism for waving a Saltire behind David Cameron’s head in the wake of Andy Murray’s historic Wimbledon victory.

The SNP leader seemed to deliberately raise the flag behind the Prime Minister’s head in the Royal Box on Centre Court on Sunday so it would be in the television shot.

Alex Salmond celebrates with a Saltire. Picture: SNS

Alex Salmond celebrates with a Saltire. Picture: SNS

Supporters of the Union have accused him of “photobombing” Mr Cameron and breaking All England Club rules – which state that large banners and flags cannot be used around the courts.

But Mr Salmond said he had “no idea” what the seating plans were, and the Wimbledon authorities had not minded his actions “in the slightest”.

“I think it [is] a rule more observed in the breaking than the observation,” he added.

He said the flag had been in his wife Moira’s handbag.

Asked whether Murray’s achievement had been a triumph for Britain, he replied: “Absolutely, and for tennis fans everywhere. Let everyone enjoy the triumph.”

Mr Salmond insisted: “The All England Club were ladies and gentlemen about it, they are nice people,” he said.

The First Minister added: “The Saltire is our national flag, Andy is a fantastic, magnificent Scottish sportsman, anybody has got the right to wave the national flag, it’s a great way to celebrate this amazing triumph.”

Mr Cameron’s official spokesman declined to say whether PM the regarded the First Minister’s action as a “stunt”, saying: “You will have to ask Mr Salmond about that.”

Yes or No? Andy hasn’t decided yet

ANDY Murray is yet to decide how he will vote in next year’s independence referendum.

Asked about the 2014 vote, he said he wanted to do his research before making any public statements.

“When the time is right I will probably say something about it, because I’m going to get asked about it all the time,” he said.

“I’ll think about it, I’ll speak to some people and I’ll try to see what is best for the country.

“But I haven’t thought that much about it yet.”

Both Prime Minister David Cameron and First Minister Alex Salmond were in the crowd for Murray’s historic win on Centre Court.