Alex Salmond: I've never harassed anyone

Alex Salmond denies allegations against him
Alex Salmond denies allegations against him
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Alex Salmond today insisted he has never "sexually harassed anyone" as he spoke out about the allegations he faces of misconduct while First Minister

And he also insisted he has never been involved in "criminal behaviour" as he slammed the manner in which the case has been conducted into allegations against him by the Scottish Government.

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It emerged today that two complaints have been made against him by Scottish Government staff members relating to his time as First Minister in December 2013.

He said: "I've made many mistakes in my life, political and personal but I have not sexually harassed anyone and I certainly have not been engaged in criminality.

"I'm not saint, I've got flaws, I understand that."

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Mr Salmond insisted he is "looking forward to the opportunity" to present his own case in court.

He added: "I took the legal action I've taken with the greatest reluctance. For five months I've been gonig through this and my legal team have advised me that this process is defective, unjust. It doesn't allow you to state your case, you don't get access to witnesses, you don't see witness statements.

"More than that, you don't get to present your own case."