Alex Salmond hints at '˜dabbling' with cannabis at university

Alex Salmond has hinted that he 'dabbled' in cannabis during his time as a student.

Alex Salmond made the remarks on talk radio station LBC. Picture: PA

But the former First Minister told listeners to his radio show that he “didn’t exhale.”

The line is a reference to the former US President Bill Clinton who once claimed to have taken the drug but “did not inhale.”

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Mr Salmond told co-host Iain dale on the LBC show: “I didn’t exhale.

“I think there’s lots of dabblers, including yourself Iain.”

Mr Salmond, a student at St Andrew’s university in the 1970s, said he did not agree with the Lib Dems’ call yesterday for cannabis to be legalised.

He said: “The difficulty with legalisation is the nature of the types of different aspects of cannabis.

“The only thing I’ve been able to nail down as a deliverable objective is cannabis for medicinal purposes for people with long-term conditions and illnesses. I’m hugely sympathetic to doing that.”