Alex Salmond challenges Boris Johnson to EU debate

Alex Salmond. Picture: Michael Gillen
Alex Salmond. Picture: Michael Gillen
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Alex Salmond has challenged Boris Johnson to a head-to-head debate over EU membership stating that it would be “Scotland versus England” as he said to “Bring it on”.

Mr Salmond said that Mr Johnson had effectively replaced Ukip leader Nigel Farage as the anti-EU campaign leader after the London mayor confirmed that he would back a Brexit in the In-Out referendum on 23 June.

Speaking on his LBC radio chatshow, Mr Salmond said that “Boris is officially - unofficially - the leader of the out campaign”.

He also said “there is now” a chance Donald Trump could become the next United States president and that you could “not guarantee” that the Democrats would defeat the tycoon if he wins the Republican nomination.

The former First Minister also talked about what he said was the “very dangerous” nature of Trump’s anti-Muslim stance.