Alex Salmond blasts Theresa May and her '˜planks of wood'

Alex Salmond has heavily criticised Theresa May for the manner in which she runs the UK Government as Prime Minister.

Alex Salmond has heavily criticised the UK Prime Minister for her handling of Brexit. Picture: John Devlin

May will meet Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon tomorrow in London with Brexit likely to be top of the agenda.

The Prime Minister recently stated that she will be seeking a “new grown-up relationship” between the Government and devolved parts of the UK.

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However, the former SNP leader and MP for Gordon believes May is “struggling” in her current position and must be willing to listen to Sturgeon or risk facing another independence referendum.

Theresa May called for a new "grown-up relationship" with Scotland. Picture: PA

He said: “The Prime Minister is struggling very badly and her policy in Europe is becoming a shambles.

“With her talk of grown-up relationship she needs to understand that she can’t scold the Scottish ministers in the way she scolds her own departmental ministers.

“She should start looking at some of the planks of wood in her own government. Her schoolmarm tone of telling people off who disagree with her is not a way to run a government.

“Unless Theresa May is prepared to listen and to accept the plan that Nicola Sturgeon is putting forward there will be another independence referendum.”

Theresa May called for a new "grown-up relationship" with Scotland. Picture: PA

Salmond also derided the claim that Sturgeon doesn’t have a mandate to call for a second independence referendum.

He added: “The statement from Theresa May’s spokesperson last week that Nicola Sturgeon does not have a mandate is one of the most absurd I’ve ever heard in politics as it comes from a Prime Minister not elected by the public about a Scottish First Minister overwhelmingly re-elected this year.”

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Theresa May wants '˜grown-up relationship' with Scotland