Alex Salmond blasts David Cameron over migrant comments

Alex Salmond was challenged by the calller on his LBC radio phone in. Picture: PA
Alex Salmond was challenged by the calller on his LBC radio phone in. Picture: PA
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ALEX Salmond has said that David Cameron’s attitude towards migrants would have meant Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Germany may have been unable to settle in the UK.

Mr Cameron referred to refugees at a camp in Calais “a bunch of migrants” at Prime Minister’s Questions today.

However, Mr Salmond said Mr Cameron had been wrong to make the remarks on today’s Holocaust Memorial Day and accused the Prime Minister of “disgusting spin”.

He also said that Cameron made the remarks on a “calculated” basis and deliberately wanted to deflect from other issues he was facing.

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Hosting, his weekly talkshow on the UK capital broadcaster LBC, Mr Salmond said: “Previously he described people as a swarm, so I don’t know if bunch is an improvement.

“Most stuff at Prime Minister’s Questions is rehearsed, so my charge against David Cameron is not just that he’s describing people in pretty disgusting terms but he’s doing it deliberately...I think this is calculated, I think this is much worse.

“If we’d applied to the Jewish refugees in the 1930s that sort of language, or that sort of attitude, then the world would have been deprived of Albert Einstein, Madeleine Albright, Marelene Dietrich.

“Especially on Holocaust Memorial Day, we should start concentrating on the contribution that these people can make to societies.”

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