Alex Salmond to be quizzed committee heads

The First Minister will be grilled by the assembled heads of every Holyrood committee on his plans for government for the first time today.

Alex Salmond will answer questions on policy. Picture: Neil Hanna

Alex Salmond will answer questions from the Scottish Parliament conveners group, comprised of the chairmen of the cross-party committees that scrutinise government policy on issues such as justice, health, education and the economy.

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Presiding officer Tricia Marwick, chairman of the conveners group, said: “For the first time, committee conveners will have the chance to question the First Minister collectively on his legislative programme for the year ahead.

“This initiative represents a further step forward in the Parliament’s reforms to provide greater opportunities for members and committees to scrutinise the government.”

The Conveners Group is chaired by the presiding officer or a deputy presiding officer and is a forum where conveners meet to take a strategic view on the operation of committees and to facilitate liaison between the committees, the parliamentary bureau and the Scottish Parliament corporate body.