Alex Bell calls SNP politicians ‘Thatcher’s children’

Picture: Jon Savage
Picture: Jon Savage
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A former adviser to Alex Salmond has described SNP politicians as “Thatcher’s children”, claiming they are in the top one per cent pay bracket.

In an essay for the Scottish Review website, Alex Bell, former head of policy, highlighted the gap between the rich and the poor, claiming it was a “moral affront” that nearly one million people in Scotland were in poverty.

He contrasted their lives with those of politicians, writing: “Our politicians are in or very near the one per cent. Alex Salmond and those who served in the SNP cabinet since 2007 have been paid a million each over eight years. There is no blame attached – the money is a transparent reward for public service. On top of pension savings, previous earnings and a lifetime of being in work, these must be rich 

He went on to say that the recent Nationalist financial “scandals” had revealed the SNP to be “just like other British parties – composed of self-starting entrepreneurial types, Thatcher’s children to a person”.

Bell helped shape the party’s 2011 election strategy and worked on the white paper on independence until leaving his post over two years ago.

An SNP spokesman said: “The SNP is proud of our record in abolishing the right to buy in Scotland and being the only party standing firmly against Tory austerity.”

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