Polish restaurant chain set to expand to Scotland

A Polish restaurant chain inspired by Communist-era eateries is looking to open in Edinburgh as part of a UK-wide expansion.

Polish classics such as pierogi will be on offer at Mamuska

Mamuska, meaning “mother in law”, which currently operates only in London, was inspired by the “milk bars” of Poland popular during the Communist era, which served dairy based dishes when there was a shortage of meat.
Owner Ian Coll, who runs the restaurant with his Polish wife, told Big Hospitality magazine that Edinburgh was one of four cities outside of the UK capital where he was planning to open.
He said: “We’re looking at cities like Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol and Edinburgh, places with young, trendy, foodie people.”
The restaurant, which serves Polish classics, such as pierogi dumplings and borscht beetroot soup, was originally set up to attract the ex-pat Polish clientele in the UK, but Mr Coll said the majority of his customers were not Polish.

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The restaurant, which also sells Polish vodka and beer, is looking to open five new sites within London, as well as a string of new branches elsewhere in Britain.