Police Scotland officers given badges with no logo

SCOTLAND’S new national police force has issued its officers with badges bereft of its new emblem as chiefs failed to register the new design in time.

• Police Scotland officers issued IDs without new emblem after registration error

• Officers claim warrant cards could be easily forged

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And Police Scotland officers have warned that the error could result in attempts to forge badge IDs.

Officers have been given plain-lettered warrant cards in lieu of badges with the Saltire-based crest emblazoned on Police Scotland vehicles and buildings.

Chief Constable Stephen House unveiled the new design in January, but contravened Scottish law on coats of arms presided over by the Lord Lyon, a court with powers to prosecute anyone for designs not authorised by the office.

The mistake has meant that police officers have been issued with IDs they claim are easily forged.

One source told The Sun: “The new warrant cards are a joke. Anyone could forge them. Some officers have drawn stick men and ‘Polis Scotland’ on pieces of card as a joke and shown them to pals.”

There are no plans to reissue warrant cards in the near future, according to a Police Scotland spokesman.