Police Scotland hunting for more special constables

Police Scotland has launched a recruitment campaign to increase the number of special constables.

A Scottish special constable recruitment poster as part of a nationwide campaign to recruit new special constables. Picture: PA

The Special Constabulary is a part-time volunteer body consisting of officers with powers identical to those of police officers.

Duties can include policing football matches, assisting at road accidents, patrolling the streets and investigating crime. The latest recruitment effort comes after a steady decrease in numbers since Police Scotland was formed in 2013, with a significant number of special constables using the opportunity as a route to becoming a regular officer.

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Assistant Chief Constable John Hawkins said: “There are thousands of people living in Scotland who could bring the skills and talents from their own jobs into the role of a volunteer police officer and in support of their local community.

“Joining the Special Constabulary can also be a fantastic opportunity to consider whether policing is the job for you. It provides excellent 
experience and training for those who would like to become a full-time police officer.

“Police Scotland undoubtedly benefits from the experience volunteers bring, but it’s also an opportunity unlike any other where you gain confidence, new skills and get the chance to help people in need or make their life better.”

Social media posts and campaign posters will feature on numerous channels including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn from Monday to promote the role.

Mr Hawkins added: “Anyone is eligible to apply to become a special constable as long as they satisfy some basic requirements for the role, but ultimately we are looking for people who want to make a real difference to their communities and can bring a fresh perspective to the team they work in.

“The more varied your background, the more diverse our workforce will be.”

Applicants will be given training similar to that undertaken by priobationer officers, but must be 18 years old, 
physically fit and have good eyesight, a good all round education and be of good character.

There is no salary, but applicants may be able to get paid leave from their job.