Police officer smashed into house with hammer

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A POLICE officer has been found guilty of terrorising his wife and daughter by smashing his way into the family home with a hammer.

David Purves – who was admonished – reacted with fury when his wife Julie locked him out of the Linlithgow house after he took the dog for a walk.

Livingston Sheriff Court heard that Purves, 46, warned his wife by text message the next day that if she didn’t let him in for his keys and bank cards in he’d “kick the door in”.

Although Mrs Purves sent messages back to him saying she was scared and afraid of him, he returned repeatedly to the property and banged on the doors demanding entry.

He eventually he smashed his way in through the back door using a hammer – then calmly made himself a cup of tea and went upstairs for a shower.

He was convicted of putting Mrs Purves and their teenage daughter in a state of fear and alarm during the incident. He had denied the charge.