Police hunt for Dundee sub station metal thieves

Picture: Police Scotland
Picture: Police Scotland
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POLICE Scotland are hunting a gang of metal thieves who have stolen almost a tonne of copper and bi-metal coiling, worth thousands of pounds, from an electricity sub station in Dundee.

The consignment of valuable metal was stolen between 2pm on Thursday, 10 October, and 2pm on Friday 11 October at a substation at Dundee Technology Park.

A force spokesman said: “The building was broken into and it would have taken thieves some considerable time and effort to remove the 700 to 900kgs of metal, load it on to a vehicle and drive it away. The combined cost of repair and replacement runs to approximately £20,000.”

He continued: “Given the weight of the stolen metal, a hoist or hydraulic lift may have been used to lift the heavy weight on to a flat bed lorry or similar type of vehicle.”

Officers are also investigating a break in and attempted theft from an electrical sub station at Claverhouse Industrial Estate in Dundee, at about 11.20pm on Friday which left a number of houses in the area without power for a time.

The spokesman said: “On this occasion nothing was taken enquiries have not ruled out a connection between these crimes. Aside from the illegal behaviour involved in these types of incidents, the thieves are exposing themselves – and potentially other people – to significant danger and risk to life.

“Tayside Division appeals to anyone who saw any suspicious people, vehicles or activity in these areas to get in touch. Likewise, anyone with information that could be of assistance should call 101 or speak to any officer.”