Police alerted mob to car carrying Royals

Police outriders alerted a mob to a car carrying a Royal couple by honking their horns and riding "aggressively" towards them, an eyewitness has told an official police inquiry.

A convoy carrying Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall was "well behind" the group of tuition fee protesters who surrounded the vehicles, it was claimed.

But when motorcycle outriders tried to push their way through on their way to the London Palladium, demonstrators turned on the distinctive Rolls-Royce Phantom VI.

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The Duchess was poked in the ribs with a stick as a window of the car was smashed, bodywork kicked and white paint thrown over it. The eyewitness came forward after an internal Scotland Yard review was submitted to Home Secretary Theresa May.

The Royal couple were travelling to the Royal Variety Performance when caught up in violence surrounding the tuition fees' vote on 9 December.