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Choices If the BBC is faced with "difficult choices" (your report, 23 December), maybe it should talk to its viewers and listeners as to how to make those choices. Maybe then it can decide if its priority is paying excessive salaries to some of its presenters or maintaining its commitment to public service broadcasting.

Kevin Hutchens


Independence Is it not odd when an Irishman, (Michael O'Sullivan, Opinion, 20 December) tells Scots that independence would be bad for them? I can guarantee that he would not dream of suggesting that the Republic of Ireland returns to the UK. Are these his actual opinions or was he told to write an anti-independence article?

Thomas Murray


Horses Having read reports of Edinburgh council re-introducing trams, one wonders why they do not have the courage of their convictions and re-introduce horses to pull them? Being such a politically correct council, surely they would be happy to save the environment millions of tons of emissions in electricity generation?

D S Fraser


Trolleybus Could someone please explain what it is a tram can do which can't be done better and much more cheaply by a trolleybus?

Tony Box


London Fog in London - World cut off?

Richard Thomson

Portobello, Edinburgh