Pipe band's special tune for twin town

A LOCAL pipe band is to present a specially commissioned tune to its French twin town during an annual visit this year.

Haddington Pipe Band will present the pipe tune to the town of Aubigny-sur-Nre, when it visits in July to play at the annual Franco-Ecossais Festival.

The tune was commissioned from the eminent composer Dr Bruce Thomson to mark the 21st anniversary of the band's first visit to Aubigny.

Dr Thomson has written a number of popular tunes, including East Lothian's pipe 'anthem', The Haddington Turnpike.

For this Haddington/Aubigny commission, he composed a two-part 4/4 march, which is called a Marche.

David Leckie, Haddington Pipe Band's pipe major, said: "We are delighted that Bruce Thomson kindly accepted our request, and that he has composed such an upbeat and celebratory tune."

Mr Thomson said: "Haddington Pipe Band did me the honour of asking me to compose a tune to celebrate the long friendship between the two towns and I was very happy to oblige. The title of the tune, a Marche, means 'it goes, and it goes well', which I believe illustrates the close relationship between the two towns and the two bands."