Pilot sentenced for Ukip leader crash

THE pilot of a plane that crashed on last year's UK general election day, injuring Ukip leader Nigel Farage, was given a two-year community order yesterday after a court heard his threats to kill the politician were "a cry for help".

Justin Adams, 46, of Faringdon in Oxfordshire, was flying an aircraft towing an election banner last year when it nose-dived to the ground. Both men suffered "significant injuries".

Adams, a self-employed pilot, lost work in the six months it took for the Civil Aviation Authority investigation. He was unable to have his plane repaired, as insurers would not pay out until the investigation had been completed.

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As well as being angry about the length of time the investigation took, Adams also felt resentment towards Mr Farage, judge Mr Justice Saunders said. The pilot believed he had lost out on an opportunity to sell his story, having been advised not to speak to the press.