Piers Morgan wades into Indyref2 by demanding English vote

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Outspoken chat show host Piers Morgan has intervened in the debate over a second Scottish independence referendum by declaring that England should have its own vote on whether Scots should be allowed to leave the United Kingdom.


Good Morning Britain host pulls out his ear piece to launch into a rant. Picture: ITV

Good Morning Britain host pulls out his ear piece to launch into a rant. Picture: ITV

Mr Morgan told TV viewers tuning into Good Morning Britain on Wednesday that all nations of the UK should have their own ballot on whether Holyrood should be allowed to split.

But the controversial former newspaper editor was warned his plan could plunge Britain into a ‘dreadful’ constitutional crisis. He said: “I think it’s also fair though that England should have its own referendum on whether Scotland should stay or not.’

When he was challenged that any such vote would need to be called for by English voters he replied: ‘I will start my campaign.’

He told co-host Susanna Reid: ‘I think we should have a referendum. I think if Scotland have another referendum...’

He briefly interrupted his monologue by saying ‘Sorry they’re shouting in my ear’, before removing the earpiece through which show producers speak to presenters.

He added: “I think if we allow Scotland to have another referendum so soon after the last one then, at the same time, there should be a referendum in England, and Wales, and Northern Ireland.”

Susanna Reid said: “But imagine Piers, if Scotland votes for independence and England votes not to let them go, well that would be potentialy dreadful.”

Piers replied: ‘I don’t think English people like the fact that the Scots are driving this whole agenda about the future of the UK. They want a say too and I agree with them, and I’m Irish.”