In Pictures: Your World Book Day kids

Fife parents have worked hard to get these kids in fancy dress and out the door on time, so let’s pay tribute to those efforts.

Mirren McCluskie, Age 4, Glenrothes

Here are your wee characters - send your pix, with names, ages, and area of Fife, to [email protected]

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Cameron Dick, 7, Glenrothes as Greg the Wimpy Kid

Twitter: @FFP

Scott Grant, age 3, of Cardenden
Robyn, aged 3, as Little Red Riding 'Robyn' Hood
Niamh Shevlin, age 9, of Kirkcaldy
Lewis Holmes, age 9, as Mr Stink
Isobel, age 8, as Roald Dahl's Matilda, Thornton
Daniel age 9, as George from Roald Dahl's George'’s Marvellous Medicine
Connor Wallace, 5, Dunfermline
Rian Cameron, 2, of Woodside
Amelia Orr aged 6, as Matilda
Tyler Lewis, age 9, Leven
Sonny Lewis, age 6, Leven
Niall Latimer 5, Tayport
Kieron Allan aged 8 from Dysart
Jayden Imrie age 3 and Kodi Imrie age 8, Glenrothes.
Chad Reekie, age 7, Emilie Hutt, age 6, of Kirkcaldy
Aileigh, 8, and Daniel McDermott 5, Methilhill
Emeli, age 5, of Kirkcaldy, as Mary Poppins
Ruby, 6, and Rory Baxter, 11 months, Glenrothes
Melanie Roper, 8, Woodside
Kyle Hunter, age 9 Burglar Bill, Methilhill
Jack and Robbie Gourlay dressed as Harry o'Hay and Stick Man
Alfie Good, 8, Kinghorn, as Gangsta Granny
Emeli, 5, as Mary Poppins
Alfie Steart, 9, Tayport
Olivia McAulay age 5 from Glenrothes
Rhiannan, 9, from Glenrothes.
Melanie Roper, 8, Woodside
Kari Stewart, 4, Glenrothes
Emma Stewart, 7, Glenrothes
Lilly Downie, 5, Dysart, as Miss Trunchbull
Caiden Forbed, 9.
Balmerino Primary School
Olly Ritchie, age 3
Forbes Cronin, 9, Kirkcaldy as Cpt James Nicholl from War Horse,
Kacey Stocks from Kirkcaldy, aged 9, as Mary Poppins
Zack Symmers , 4, Rosyth
Hollie Smillie, age 4, Kirkcaldy
Alyssa Smillie aged 5, Kirkcaldy
Erin Adams as Mary Poppins, aged 6 from Kirkcaldy
And yes, there's even a dog; Valentino the Puppy Potter of Glenrothes