Picture: ‘Ghost hare’ spotted in Borders

A RARE “ghost hare” has been captured on camera in the British countryside by a wildlife photographer.

Picture: Ron McCombe

Ron McCombe, 59, spotted the elusive creature, dubbed the ghost hare by locals, which has unusual silver fur, in fields north of Kelso in the Scottish Borders.

“I had heard from a local that there was a white hare in this area and after six months looking for it I thought he was having me on and the hare was just a myth,” said Mr McCombe, from Coldstream.

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“Then one morning last week I saw it at a distance and couldn’t believe my eyes.

“Over the next five mornings I was in position by 5am and waited for it to come into view and then get a bit closer so I could get some reasonable images. The photography was very frustrating as the hare was very timid, but I got there in the end.”

Mr McCombe said: “It was very secretive and elusive, it didn’t behave like other brown hares. The Brown Hare Trust call the unusual colouring ‘colour mutation’.

“I’ve been photographing hares for ten years around the Scottish Borders and this is the first time I have seen a hare this colour.”