Photo bid to identify body found in River Tay

A photograph of items found on a man who was discovered in a river has been released by police as they try to identify him.

It is hoped the man's belongings can help identify him. Picture: Comp
It is hoped the man's belongings can help identify him. Picture: Comp

The man, believed to be between 40 and 50 years old, was recovered from the River Tay close to the shoreline between Broughty Castle and Broughty Ferry lifeboat station in Angus at 8am on Friday.

The image released by police shows a pair of sunglasses, a silver Seiko watch, a small white penknife and a red comb.

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The man also had two orange-coloured plugs with a plastic box and four gold or brass-coloured keys, one for a door and three for padlocks, on a chain connected to his left trouser pocket.


Police hope that someone will recognise the items and help identify the man.

He was 6ft tall, white with a heavy build, brown hair, a receding hairline and thick greying stubble.

He was found wearing a red hooded waterproof jacket, a beige-coloured long-sleeved shirt, a wool snood round his neck, black Dunlop fingerless gloves, green hiking trousers, navy socks and no shoes or boots.

Police have confirmed that all crew on ships berthed at Dundee Port have been accounted for.

Inquiries will now extend to police overseas and checks of fingerprint and DNA databases will be made.

Anyone with information about this incident has been asked to contact the police by calling 101.