Pervert used mobile to take pictures up women's skirts

A MAN who was caught using his mobile phone to take dozens of pictures up women's skirts in the St James' Centre has been put on the sex offenders register for three years.

At Edinburgh Sheriff Court yesterday 36-year old William Gardner was also placed on probation for three years.

Gardner had pled guilty previously to committing a breach of the peace in the centre and elsewhere in the city by acting in a disorderly manner and using his mobile phone to take indecent pictures of females on 31 July last year. After his arrest it was found that he had 40 pictures on his phone

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The court had previously heard how security guards became suspicious when they saw Gardner kneeling next to women with his mobile phone held at a low level.

A check on the phone showed that he had been taking pictures up women's skirts and shorts.

Later, when cautioned and charged by the police, Gardner of St Lawrence Crescent, Slamannan, Falkirk, replied: "I'm sorry."