What matters to me: Frances Grey

What's the best bit on your personality CV?

I think I'm quite kind and I can talk reams of nonsense.

And the worst?

Nothing, aren't CVs supposed to accentuate the positive?

What are your earliest memories?

The evening of my fourth birthday, feeling miserable because all my friends had gone home after my birthday party and newly aware of the responsibilities age brings. I don't remember the party itself at all, although I'm pretty sure I was sober. I also apparently used to get up on the stage in Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh and sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in front of shoppers and tourists when I was very wee. And now I'm an actress. Draw your own conclusions.

Describe yourself as a food/car/drink.

I spent too much time at drama school answering questions like that, usually while writhing on the floor thinking about my lunch. I'm not very method, I'm afraid.

How do you stay in love?

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Skype. It's free, you can see one another if you have cameras and it prevents long-distance phone calls that include the words "this is costing me a lot of money, could you get to the point?"

Is money the root of all evil?

If you spend it on Trident missiles.

What keeps you up at night?

The occasional 4am worries but usually nothing. Although thinking up answers to these questions has caused me a few sleepless nights.

Who or what makes you laugh?

My husband.

Who's your hero/biggest influence?

My parents. I think they did a good job of bringing me up. I think I'm influenced daily by all sorts of things (for example Heat magazine) but maybe I'm just easily led.

What object would you save in a fire?

My husband, my new wormery and Mrs Mouse, the cat next door - if she's wandered in to hang out. I'm not really sentimental about possessions (or worms, if I'm being honest. I mean, I haven't named all mine or anything).

What was your life's main turning point?

I'll just say I'm not sure if it's happened yet. That saves me from getting too soppy in front of strangers.

Perfect Sunday?

As I'm back working in my home town of Edinburgh for a short time, a day-trip somewhere would be perfect: lunch by Loch Fyne or a drive to Loch Lomond or the Borders, perhaps. Where I live in London is a few minutes away from Columbia Road and Spitalfields markets, but it feels a bit "perfect Sunday" clich territory to mention markets or brunch. Anyway, when I'm not working, every day is a bit like a Sunday with added Fern and Phil.

Frances Grey stars in Monks by Des Dillon at the Royal Lyceum Theatre in Edinburgh until 7 April, tickets from 15. Tel: 0131-248 4848 or visit www.lyceum.org.uk