Wanted: Remote Scottish island seeks manager to bring in tourists to forgotten isle

Hundreds of people have already expressed an interest in moving to Ulva. Credit: File
Hundreds of people have already expressed an interest in moving to Ulva. Credit: File
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A tiny Scottish island with a population of six people is advertising for a manager to draw in more tourists.

The community owned island of Ulva in the Inner Hebrides is looking for a project manager to develop a heritage visitor centre at the former Laird's house, Ulva House.

The North West Mull Community Woodland Company Ltd, which owns Ulva, is advertising the job which pays between £30,000 and £34,000.

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The job ad states: "The objectives of the acquisition are to manage the island to provide sustainable benefits with a focus on repopulation and ensuring community ownership delivers benefits for the wider North West Mull area as well as the island itself.

"Since coming into community ownership work has been progressing on several key projects, one of which is the refurbishment and repurposing of the former Laird's House, Ulva House, as a heritage visitor centre with associated self-catering accommodation.

"To this end the company are seeking to appoint an ambitious and experienced project manager."

More than 350 people expressed an interest in living on Ulva last year after being bought by islanders who secured up to £4.4 million in funds from the Scottish Land Fund.

If all were selected to become islanders it would represent around a 6,000 per cent rise in the existing population on the 4,500-acre island.

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The job advert adds: "Ulva's people have inspiring and engaging stories to tell, including that of Lachlan Macquarie - the Founding Father of modern Australia.

"He achieved great success and his influence lives on and is celebrated today.

"However of the thousands of other people who left Ulva, voluntarily or forced, there are other stories of the famous, infamous and not famous - that deserve to be told.

"The focus of the project will be telling the stories of six or so key Ulva individuals.

"Who they were, set in the context of their times, the impact they had on Ulva and, as they left, the impact they had on the place they went to.

"There are some obvious stories - such as Lachlan Macquarie and one of the Clarks - the Clearance lairds.

"However there will be others, discovered through research, that will tell the story of their time - what it was like to live on Ulva and like to leave Ulva.

"Initial research has already identified a number of interesting characters that need to be explored further."

The closing date for applications is January 28 and the job is from March to November 2021.