These are the 15 happiest places to live in Scotland

Scotland has a variety of places to settle down, from vibrant cities to quaint villages and historic towns.


But where should you live if you want reasons to be cheerful? These are the 15 happiest places to live in the country, according to Rightmove’s Happy at Home survey. The survey asked how happy residents are where they live, as well as asking them to rank 12 happiness factors, which ranged from how friendly the neighbours are to how good the local services are. The regional ranking shows how each place in Scotland ranked, whereas the national ranking illustrates their position overall in the UK, with 1 being the highest.

Regional rank: 1. National rank: 11

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Regional rank: 2. National rank: 21
Regional rank: 3. National rank: 35
Regional rank: 4. National rank: 38
Regional rank: 5. National rank: 40
Regional rank: 6. National rank: 41
Regional rank: 7. National rank: 46
Regional rank: 8. National rank: 55
Regional rank: 9. National rank: 100
Regional rank: 10. National rank: 108
Regional rank: 11. National rank: 149
Regional rank: 12. National rank: 152
Regional rank: 14. National rank: 174
Regional rank: 13. National rank: 164
Regional rank: 15. National rank: 186