Star Wars Day: Lightsaber fight planned in the Meadows on May the 4th

A Facebook event has called on Star Wars fans to gather in the Meadows on May 4th to celebrate with a lightsaber fight.

A lightsaber fight has been planned in the Meadows
A lightsaber fight has been planned in the Meadows

The battle in the Meadows has been suggested by Stuart Webster who created the event to celebrate Star Wars Day.

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What started out as a pun amongst fellow fans “May the 4th be with you.” has launched one of the most popular days on the calendar for many with the event in the Meadows being pitched as a way for fans in the Capital to celebrate.

And it appears that fans in Edinburgh are keen to join in the Lighsaber action, with 141 people going and over 1.2k declaring an interest in attending the event which kicks off at 2pm.

Those who are attending have been warned to bring their own Lightsaber.

One user from Birmingham tagged her friend on the page writing: “This is the kind of thing that means we should really move to Edinburgh”

You can find out more about the bizarre event by visiting the Facebook page here