Spice Girls fan 'battered and had drink poured over them' at Edinburgh Murrayfield gig - reports

Spice Girls on stage in Edinburgh. PIC: Andrew Timms
Spice Girls on stage in Edinburgh. PIC: Andrew Timms
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A disabled Spice Girls fan has written to organisers of Saturday's Murrayfield gig to say he had to leave the show early due to 'missiles being thrown' and 'being battered', according to reports.

The Daily Record says that the disabled gig-goer, who wishes to remain anonymous, left after 45 minutes of Saturday night's highly-anticipated show after an 'absolutely diabolical' night where they feared for their own safety.

Spice Girls on stage in Edinburgh. PIC: Andrew Timms

Spice Girls on stage in Edinburgh. PIC: Andrew Timms

The fan also claimed to see people urinating in the stadium corridors as toilet facilities weren't up to scratch.

They wrote to the concert organisers to vent their disgust, saying: "I am registered disabled and bought accessible tickets and I walked out of the concert after less than 45 minutes due to fears for my safety.

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"That took a lot for me to walk out. I go to concerts on a regular basis and tonight was absolutely diabolical. There were missiles being launched all over the place.

"I was battered twice tonight by drunk people, asked to move seats by one of your own customer care agents in order to seat a drunk person from the pitch.

"I had drink poured all over me and my partner and when we asked the police - who had to come and remove the drunk woman who was pouring it all over people - to get it mopped up, they spoke to the staff and were told their were no cleaners on."

"There was far too much drink being served. There were insufficient toilets too.

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"So much so that three police officers were having to threaten women with being arrested as they were forcing their ways into the gents toilets and when they did not get access they were doing the toilet in the stadium corridors."

A spokesperson for BT Murrayfield told the Record that they are looking into areas of concern raised, adding: "“The Spice Girls concert at BT Murrayfield created a real party atmosphere and the vast majority of fans enjoyed themselves in a safe and responsible way.

“We are looking into the areas of concern raised and working closely with the concert promoters and the security providers to gather more information before responding to him.”

Superintendant Helen Harrison left a personal message to Spice Girls fans on the Edinburgh Police Divison Facebook page following the concert.

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She said: "What a fantastic show! I would like to thank everyone who was at BT Murrayfield for the Spice Girls concert for making it such an amazing night.

"I hope you had a safe journey home.

"Viva Forever."

The latest unsavoury incident comes on the back of one Edinburgh resident claiming that a concert-goer left an unwanted gift in her garden, in the form of human excrement, while on the way to the show.