Scottish Lotto syndicate plays happy families with £1m triumph

Members of four Scottish families are celebrating sharing £1m of prizes from a single Lotto draw.

The Icom-Scottech Syndicate celebrate their success.

In total, 19 members of the Kelso-based 'Icom-Scottech Ltd syndicate' will take home more than £52,600 each.

The group's members - who say they have been buying weekly tickets for more than 20 years - are drawn from four families who will share in the winnings.

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Syndicate leader Lee Jackson said: "Our colleague Carol came running into the office on Monday morning clutching our ticket and nearly threw it at me. After sharing the news with her sister, she had slept with it under her pillow to keep it safe.

The Icom-Scottech Syndicate celebrate their success.

“It was a very emotional moment for everyone and when we gathered the team together you could tell people were worried what we were going to announce. However, when we broke the news, they blew the roof off with cheers.

“We are a very family-orientated business so it’s fantastic to share this with our friends and loved ones. Being a small town, news travels fast but everyone is over the moon for us.

"Our next-door neighbour here is a car dealership and the manager has already paid us a visit with some business cards – he may well get some sales out of this.”

Mr Jackson is due get married later this year and says the cash means he can plan a dream wedding including a honeymoon in Cyprus.

Lucky ticket-buyer Carole Colebrook and her sister Shirley Hogarth are both £50,000 richer. Icom-Scottech Ltd founder John Scott and his family will share a whopping £210,524 between them.

The Icom-Scottech Ltd syndicate bought their winning Lotto ticket from Asda in Galashiels. The syndicate’s winning numbers for the draw on 6 July were 24, 30, 44, 50, 56, 57 and Bonus Ball 9.