Runaway hamster 50 Cent reunited with owner after being found a MILE from Edinburgh home

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A runaway Hamster called 50 cent has been reunited with its owner - after being found a MILE from its home.

University of Edinburgh student Hannah Mac posted pictures of the adorable rodent on social media after her boyfriend found the intrepid creature in a stairwell near the city's Holyrood Palace.

50 Cent the hamster with Ana McKinlay. Pic: SWNS

50 Cent the hamster with Ana McKinlay. Pic: SWNS

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In her plea to the public on Facebook group The Meadows Share, she said: "My boyfriend came home last night and found this cute little fella sitting in his stairwell! Found near Holyrood Palace.

"If you know anyone that has lost a hamster in this area please share this post. Trying to get it back to its home."

The post received more than 600 likes and 110 comments, as people offered their support, reports student news site The Tab.

Some commenters suggested having the SSPCA pick 50 Cent up, while others offered to take care of her.

The owner's flatmate, Ana McKinlay, 22, later commented with a picture of her and 50 Cent, saying: "I'm her flatmate. Her name is 50 Cent.

"Meryl and I co-parent with Carla."

Within an hour of the post going up 50 Cent's rightful owner, Meryl Parker, 21, joined in the comments.

She later messaged Hannah and arranged to pick up the hamster.

Soon after, the nursing student posted an update saying: "50cent the great escape artist has been returned to her rightful owners!

"Thanks everyone for making that possible, what a great group!"

The hamster's owners told student newspaper The Tab: "We lost her a week ago and we honestly thought we'd never see her again.

"We're so happy to have her back.

"The family reunited.

"We need to get her checked before it's a happy ending though. She is lovely but she's limping."

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Since being reunited, 50 Cent, who is just over a year old, has been taken to the vet to be checked over and is unharmed and resting well at home.

Ms McKinlay, also a nursing student, said: "We are so delighted to have her back in our care.

"She's a lovely wee hamster.

"We took her to the vets after she was returned to us and now she's resting in her own little home."