Rothesay venue to keep licence after being rebuked for ‘wardrobe malfunction’ during adult entertainment event

The Bute Piper was hosting The Scottish Honky Tonk Sausage Party.
The Bute Piper was hosting The Scottish Honky Tonk Sausage Party.
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A Rothesay entertainment venue has been allowed to keep its premises licence – despite a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ during an adult entertainment event earlier this year.

The Bute Piper was hosting ‘The Scottish Honky Tonk Sausage Party’ at its Marine Place premises in Ardbeg on Saturday, February 2.

The Argyll and Bute licensing board heard on Tuesday, November 12 that emails had been sent to the dancers stating that they had not to go ‘The Full Monty’.

But a complaint was received after one of the dancers was stripped of a flag which had been covering his modesty.

Owner Brian Jamieson was represented by Peter Austin from the venue’s holding company at the licensing board’s meeting, where it was decided that lessons had been learned.

Commander John Paterson, of Police Scotland, said: “The chief constable made an application based on the licence being breached on Saturday, February 2, hosting an event called ‘The Scottish Honky Tonk Sausage Party’ involving male strippers.

“The conditions do not allow adult entertainment as an approved activity and the procurator fiscal has sent a warning letter.”

A letter sent to the board on Wednesday, March 13 also said: “As your Honours will be aware the conditions of the premises current Operating Plan permit entertainment in addition to the supply of alcohol, however the conditions do not allow ‘adult entertainment’ as an approved activity.

“As a result of this Mr Jamieson has been charged with a contravention of Sec 1 (1) of the Licensing Scotland Act 2005 and a report will be sent to the Procurator Fiscal for consideration of prosecution.”

Licensing standards officer Raymond Park said: “On Monday, February 4 I got a complaint regarding male strippers in the Bute Piper. I was informed that police were in attendance and it was confirmed enquiries were ongoing.

“Enquiries were concluded and an email was sent on Wednesday, February 27. The licence holder responded very promptly with a guarantee that there were no further plans to provide male dancing and no variation will be sought.

“There has been burlesque dancing on occasions and the mistake was made of thinking this would be OK. They did nothing to cancel the event as it had been advertised on social media for several months.

“This will not happen again – to the sadness of the 60 local women who attended – and no further complaints of this nature has been received to date.”

Mr Austin told the board: “The background is that when the dancers were booked, they were told that they were not to go ‘The Full Monty’.

“I had two emails from the client to the organisation stating that this was the case, but these instructions were gone against.

“Mr Jamieson was out when the incident took place. One dancer covered his modesty with a flag, which was removed.

“Adult entertainment will not take place on these premises again.

“It [the incident] was only visible to a few people, not to the entire crowd.”

Mr Jamieson confirmed to the board that he had been in a separate bar area of the venue when the incident took place.

Councillor David Kinniburgh, the board’s chair, said: “I think the lesson has been learned. I do take your word that the incident will not happen again.

“I also think that it is a very fine line between adult entertainment and otherwise, and it is a very difficult line to establish. The difference here is a flag.

“I would go along with a written warning as well, just as a reminder that the board are taking you at your word.”