Posters warning women about a 'sex offender' appear in Edinburgh bars and clubs

In the poster the person who made it states that 'women have to stick together'.
In the poster the person who made it states that 'women have to stick together'.
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Posters warning women about a man described as a sex offender have been put up in bars and clubs throughout Edinburgh.

The anonymous flyers claim a man named “Phil” targets women in pubs and clubs and deliberately passes on a sexual disease to them.

The poster, which includes a picture of an unknown man, describes him as “persistent, violent and abusive” and states he “tricks them [women] into unprotected sex”.

The posters have appeared in the toilets of bars and club toilets across the capital, it is not known who the man pictured is or if any of the claims are true.

Images of the poster have been displayed on the Who Are You Dealing With? East Lothian Facebook page and have been seen at various locations including the capital’s Omni Centre and the 52 Canoes cocktail bar.

The notice reads: “Phil has an STD called herpes and he is really happy to pass it on to his sexual partners, as he tricks them into unprotected sex.

“Phil has an excel sheet where he records all his victims with all their personal details and possible dates of disease transmission.

“This is how he feels he has power over her or him.”

The poster continues: “If you have been his victim, speak up.

“You are not alone, spread the knowledge. It is the only way to stop men like him.”

The moderator of the WYDW Facebook page wrote: “If anyone has any information on this post so we can 100 per cent check all this information and where this has come from we would like to hear from you.

“A few primary school pupils have been sent this through their phones.

“It possibly may not come to anything and could simply be an act of bitterness, however we at admin can’t ignore the fact that this has been sent to children of primary school age.”

Shocked women took to the page and Andrea Baillie wrote: “I saw this at the Omni Centre last week. I didn't do anything about it as I wasn’t sure it was serious or an [angry] ex [partner].”

Sarah Burns said: “Omg this is the poster we seen in the toilets of 52 canoes.”

And Courtney Black simply added: “This is frightening.”