Outlander fan celebrates surprise engagement under Edinburgh Hogmanay fireworks

The happy couple celebrated their engagement under the fireworks of Hogmanay
The happy couple celebrated their engagement under the fireworks of Hogmanay
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Weeks of planning came to a joyful end for boyfriend Jordan after his now-fiance Lucie said yes.

Hogmanay may have ended for a bang but for one tourist the new year started with a romantic surprise after a shock proposal under Edinburgh Castle's fireworks.

Happy couple Jordan Cox and Lucie Ashton-Rickhardt (Photo: Jordan Cox)

Happy couple Jordan Cox and Lucie Ashton-Rickhardt (Photo: Jordan Cox)

Lucie Ashton-Rickhardt who is visiting the Capital with her now-fiance said her surprise proposal passed all her expectations after her boyfriend popped the question as the bells rang in.

The 29-year-old school teacher from the Forest of Dean had no idea the proposal from boyfriend Jordan Cox was coming until he was down on one knee.

'It's all a bit surreal'

For Jordan, it was the culmination of weeks of secrecy and planning.

He said: "It is all a bit surreal. She had no idea and there was lots of careful secretive planning. Scotland is her favourite place and she is a massive Outlander fan.

"I did wonder for a moment whether or not she would say yes. We were in the garden party and I took her to one side after the fireworks and she just kind of fell on me and didn't give me an answer for a while.

"Scotland is our favourite place, but this is the first time we have done Hogmanay so I thought it was a good chance to pop the question."

Lucie added: "I am feeling a bit in shock, all of the hinting and the joking and the he actually asked.

"You always thing in your head what you will say but I just froze and I think I said 'are you joking' before kind of collapsing on him and eventually saying 'yes of course'.

"It definitely passed all of my expectations because of the fireworks and the atmosphere even if we were cold.

"I couldn't have picked a better place, I just love Scotland."

'Couldn't have picked a better place'

Jordan told the Evening News the proposal had involved asking Lucie's Mum for permission before Christmas, followed by asking his own mother to help choose a ring.

He said: "I had to get permission from Lucie's Mum before Christmas, and I basically hired my Mum to help me find a ring as I am clueless about jewellery.

"Lucie kept hinting and asking if I was going to ask the question and I had to deny it while having the ring in my pocket the whole time."

Lucie added: "It was on the table put I wasn't expecting it and I thought it would be later on in the year, but it was a great way to start the new year."

The happy couple will now return home to England and share the news with family and friends, and are planning for a potential 2021 wedding.

It could see them, including Outlander star Sam Heughan super-fan Lucie, return to Scotland for their special day.

Jordan said: "We are going to have an engagement party when we go back home and see all the family, and then potentially get married in 2021, which might even bring us back to Scotland."