Nearly a million Scots ditch sleep for technology

Almost one million Scots give up precious hours of sleep to use technology, a study has revealed.

Scots of all ages are missing out on sleep. Picture: Getty Images
Scots of all ages are missing out on sleep. Picture: Getty Images

23 per cent of Scots spend more than seven hours a day using devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops than sleeping.

This has created a rise in accidents caused by multi-tasking distractions.

According to research by LV= home insurance, accidents in the home including staining the carpet, starting a fire on the hob and burning a surface with an iron have trebled.

Since 2010, the number of distraction accidents causing damage has increased from 320,000 to over one million per year.


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Scots aged between 18-24 have been named as the worst culprits for distraction damage. Along with 25-34s, those aged 18-24 are the most likely to be heavy multi-taskers, spending an average of over five hours a day on multiple activities, according to the study.

The most common incidents occurring due to distraction in the home include staining the carpet (34 per cent), starting a fire on the hob (27 per cent) and burning a surface with an iron (19 per cent). More obscure incidents included putting a foot through the loft floor (11 per cent) or tripping and causing damage to a wall (11 per cent).

Close to a fifth (17 per cent) of incidences of ‘distraction damage’ occur because Brits are texting or chatting on their mobile phones, but watching a programme on TV (10 per cent) or browsing social media (8 per cent) are also to blame. When Brits were asked what they found to be the most distracting in the home TV and mobile phones both fell into the top three.

Last year alone, a staggering £62 million was spent on repairs and replacements from such accidents.