Mystery over guinea pig which showed up on ninth hole of Royal Musselburgh Golf Club

When you go to the golf course with your friends on a Saturday afternoon, the last thing you expect to turn up is a lost guinea pig.

The guinea pig showed up on the ninth hole
The guinea pig showed up on the ninth hole

But that's exactly what happened when William Waddell from Duns was fighting it out with friends on the course earlier today (Saturday).

William and his friends were up to the ninth hole, when a stray shot ended with a ball flying into the trees.

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The guinea pig showed up on the ninth hole

Being the helpful type, William went to assist his friend in looking for his lost ball.

But he found more in the undergrowth than he bargained for.

Nestled in the leaves and long grass, William noticed something move and realised it was a guinea pig.

His wife, Donna Waddell, told the Evening News: "He was playing at Royal Musselburgh with three friends in the Ladies Captains Texas Scramble Day.

"He was on the ninth hole, and one of his friends had hit his ball into the trees.

"William went to help look for it, and he found a few balls and then noticed something else nestled in the leaves and grass, and realised it was a guinea pig!"

William picked up the helpless, lost pet and popped it in a bag on his gold trolley to keep it safe, before taking it to the Pro Shop and placing it in a box, along with a piece of banana.

Donna added: "While it was there, a member of the club who breeds, shows and judges guinea pigs all over Britain took it away to look after it until the owner is found, hopefully.

Donna is hoping that the owners of the fluffy white and biscuit-coloured guinea pig can be found and reunited, although she says that plenty of people have offered to re-home it if no-one comes forward.

She said: "I've been overwhelmed with the shares and comments so far so we are confident that this will have a happy ending of some sort.

"Hopefully the poor wee thing will be reunited with its owner soon. I have had lots of offers of homes from various people who have seen the post, but haven't replied to them as its not really our guinea pig to re-home."

If you are the owner, or know the owner, of this unlucky little guinea pig, you can contact Donna on her Facebook account here.