Louise Linton blames '˜low self-esteem' for rash social media post

Ex-Fettes pupil turned actress Louise Linton blasted for flaunting her lavish lifestyle online has said her actions were down to low self-esteem.

Louise Linton
Louise Linton

In an interview the 37-year-old from Edinburgh, who is married to President Trump’s finance chief Steve Mnuchin, admitted she had been wrong to say an American mother was “adorably out of touch”.

Referring to an Instagram post of herself and her husband disembarking from a US Air Force jet in Kentucky she listed all the designer labels she was wearing in an outfit that would have cost over £10,000.

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An American mother-of-three from Oregon had commented saying the post was “deplorable”.

In response, Ms Linton wrote: “Do you think this was a personal trip? Have you given more money to the economy than me and my husband? Either as an individual earner in taxes or in self-sacrifice toyour country?

“You’re adorably out of touch. I know you’re mad but deep down you’re really nice and so am I.”

Speaking to the Washingtonian magazine she said: “I suppose it came from a sense of lacking self-esteem. It was really ludicrous and out of character and I deserved the good hard slap on the wrist I got. It was unpleasant but necessary.”

The actress and producer, whose husband is worth almost £300 million, was met with backlash for her condescending comments.