Langlees newspaper is good news for young writers

Primary pupils have learned skills while publish their school newspaper which will give them a head start in the world of work.

Not only have the youngsters of Langlees Primary School developed their own talents by writing and creating The Langlees Termly, they have produced an important source of information and entertainment which can be shared and enjoyed by their teachers, parents and fellow pupils.

Featuring a top news gathering team of ace reporters – Amie, Shannon, Jayden, Sebastian, Craig, Loki and Holly – the 20-page newspaper is illustrated with excellent colour photographs and features well written, engaging articles placed in an attractive layout.

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Victoria McClements, class teacher, helped set up the newspaper back in 2016 for primary 5, 6 and 7 pupils to work on and it has gone from strength to strength.

Last week classes visited the school’s newly refurbished library to have cake, juice and to read their very own copy of the newspaper – with pupils, parents and partner agencies commented on how professional it was and on the great job the news team had done.

The big front page headline on this edition focused on the talents of pupils, detailing their success in music and dance.

Miss McClements said: “The pupils at Langlees Primary have to fill out an application form to be in the group and if this is successful then they are invited to an interview.

“This year seven LPS News Reporters worked extremely hard to create the 4th Edition of The Langlees Termly. The pupils have developed skills for life and work through being an LPS News Reporter.

“They have developed their confidence by interviewing children and adults, taking photographs around the school and in the community and developing their ICT skills by typing and editing the newspaper.

A spokespupil for the reporting team said: “We really enjoy being an LPS News Reporter because it’s fun, educational and it has helped us all become better at typing.”

The Langlees Termly team also has been producing the Langlees Newsround, a short weekly video that reports on school news and is watched and enjoyed by every class.