Jane Park heading towards second million after selling intimate pictures to fans

Jane Park has been selling the photos online.
Jane Park has been selling the photos online.
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EuroMillions winner Jane Park is laughing all the way to the bank after cashing-in on the demand for intimate photographs.

Jane, 23, has reportedly signed-up 1,500 monthly subscribers on site OnlyFans — with each paying up to £80 a time for an eyeful.

The Scottish Sun quoted a source close to Britain's youngest EuroMillions winner who said her army of admirers generates up to £45,000 a month in income as she's inundated with requests for her saucy topless photos.

The source said told the paper: "It's completely unexpected. It's crazy. The £30 a month is for being on her OnlyFans profile. People can pay an extra £50 for topless images and she donates the cash to charity. The profile gives her £45,000 a month for holidays, nights out and clothes."

Jane — who spent £4,500 of her lottery cash to pay for a breast enhancement surgery — told the paper she is thrilled with her massive earnings from the app.

She said: "I seem to get whinged at regardless what I do. When I didn't work I would have people thinking I didn't deserve my money. Now I do something online and earn money I still get whinged at. I can't win."

Jane, who won her fortune in 2013 aged 17, has previously ruled out working as a 'glamour model' — despite selling semi-naked photographs of herself.

She said that she still craved having the "fairytale life of husband, kids and a nice home".

But women's campaigner and psychologist Dr Mairead Tagg criticised, Jane, from Niddrie.

She said: "It would appear her self-esteem is low." rather than staying local and is enjoying the money as she goes through a period of being single. She's still keen to find love, but this is a side to her life men may struggle with."

However, the paper quoted an 'insider' who said: "The money is coming in quicker than she can spend it.

"The difference between this and her lottery win is the fact her initial £1 million win was an amount that was depleting. She bought properties, cars and luxury jewellery with it. But the money she now takes in is growing for every month that she doesn't spend all of it.

"It feels like the whole of Scotland is waiting for her money to run out, but it isn't going to happen anytime soon. Her initial million is tied up in property and investments."