Jade Goody asked her mother to help end her life

JADE Goody asked her mother to smother her with a pillow as she lay dying from cancer, it was revealed yesterday.

The reality TV star died aged 27 last month after a battle with cervical cancer, and spent her final weeks being nursed at home by her husband, Jack Tweed, and mother, Jackiey Budden.

Ms Budden said in an interview that watching the life slowly ebb from her daughter was "heartbreaking".

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"We watched her slowly disintegrate," she said. "It was more heartbreaking than just seeing someone die. She wasn't in any pain, but it's horrible for the people around it."

As she was dying, Ms Budden said Goody asked her to help her end her life.

"If she was on a machine we'd have had to turn it off … she wanted me to put a pillow over her head," she said.

"I really didn't want to see her go that way."