'The guy could have torched the place' - Shocking picture shows Edinburgh petrol station 'worker' smoking in forecourt

A witness photographed the man apparently smoking in the BP garage forecourt in Newbridge.

The worker appears to be smoking a cigarette outside the petrol station shop.
The worker appears to be smoking a cigarette outside the petrol station shop.

A shocking picture has emerged of what appears to be a petrol station shop worker smoking in an Edinburgh forecourt.

The photograph shows a man holding what looks like a cigarette close to his face, outside the door to a Londis shop at the BP garage in Newbridge.

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A witness said the man, who seems to be wearing a uniform and name badge, flicked the cigarette end down towards some canisters which may have contained oil.

The witness, who does not want to be named, was in a car with his pals in the early hours of Monday when they stopped in for petrol before getting a McDonald's drive-thru.

Speaking to the Evening News, the 20-year-old from Linlithgow, said: "As we pulled in to the garage my mates made a number of exclamations and could not believe what we were seeing. The guy obviously worked there.

"We were obviously perplexed about what he was doing but he was still pretty blasé. He chucked it towards some oil canisters. On the other side of the road there was a carton of petrol that you would put in the car. The guy went back in behind the till and my mate bought the petrol.

"The guy could have torched the whole place. The chances are this wasn't a one off as he was working the nightshift and maybe thought he could get away with it, but it doesn't change how dangerous it was."

Smoking is prohibited at petrol stations in the UK due to the risk of vapours being ignited.

The manager at the garage shop said they would like to make no comment at this stage while an investigation is carried out to establish the full facts of the incident.

The site in question is owned and operated by Motor Fuel Ltd (rather than BP) who have been contacted for comment.