Four Scottish accents have been listed among the sexiest in the UK - here is how they rank

Glaswegian Richard Madden starred in bodyguard. Photo: Shutterstock.
Glaswegian Richard Madden starred in bodyguard. Photo: Shutterstock.
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With 56 recognised regional accents across the UK,  it comes as no surprise that some are viewed as much sexier than others.

Scottish accents are loved around the world, despite some regional variations being difficult for people outside of Scotland to understand.

Now a new survey of 1.5 million people in the UK has revealed how sexy the Scottish accent is compared to others across the country - and four of our country’s accents appear on the list.

Which Scottish accents make the top 25?

The Glaswegian accent was voted the sexiest Scottish accent in the UK, coming in at third place on the list.

Edinburgh was a little further down the list, ranked at 13th, while Highlands came in at 19th place and Hebridean made it onto the list in 23rd place.

The survey, carried out by Big 7 Travel, ranked the top 50 sexiest accents in the UK.

Of Glaswegian, the company wrote: “Those rich sounds and harsh vowels are a big hit. You can thank Franz Ferdinand.”

It said the Edinburgh accent included “the posh restrained accent of Morningside residents to the slang in Leith”, commenting that “you can hear a range of accents in Edinburgh alone, but all are considered attractive.”

Speaking about The Highlands accent, the survey said: “The melodic lilt of the Highlands accent is best heard from Caithness down to the Black Isle. ‘The, that, this and they’ are pronounced ‘e, at, is and ey’.”

The verdict on the Hebridean accent was: “The beautiful, lilting accent of the Outer Hebrides sounds more Irish than it does Scottish, yet is distinctively different than both.”

The top three sexiest accents according to the poll were Essex, Northern Irish and Glaswegian.

Here is the top 25:

25) Northumberland

24) Stoke-on-Trent

23) Hebridean

22) Surrey

21) East Anglian

20) Kentish

19) Highlands

18) Multicultural London English (MLE)

17) Leeds

16) Somerset

15) Lancashire

14) Cardiff

13) Edinburgh

12) Estuary English

11) Norfolk

10) Cockney

9) Yorkshire

8) South Welsh Valleys

7) Geordie

6) Scouse

5) Mancunian

4) Queen's English

3) Glaswegian

2) Northern Irish

1) Essex