Former Gairdoch United star teams up with Serena Williams at Wimbledon 2019

A 32-year-old who donned the gold and black strip and took to the pitch for Gairdoch United in his younger years is making his sporting comeback alongside tennis legend Serena Williams at Wimbledon this week.

Andrew Murray was just a lad when he played for the Carronshore-based amateur side, but he showed true grit and determination and a will to win at all costs – he would even argue with referees about whether the ball had actually gone out for a throw-in or a goal kick.

He could often be heard shouting “the ball was in” and “it was on the line” at perplexed match officials.

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Now Andrew, who was born in Glasgow and brought up in Dunblane, is switching his gold and black kit for the pristine whites which are required at the All England Club and is set to play with seven time Wimbledon singles champ Serena Williams in the mixed doubles tomorrow.

"Who's this Gairdoch United guy?" Serena was heard to ask the umpire

Oh, we should maybe mention the former Gairdoch player, when he wasn’t kicking a football around, has also managed to win two Wimbledon singles titles in 2013 and 2016.

And he’s got a knighthood.

Good luck Sir Andy.