Ex-referee tells all in Weekend Bigots podcast

In football the referee is not allowed to give a particular point of view on the game.

ex-referee tells all in 'Who's the Mason in the Black' podcast episode 3 of Weekend Bigots

This week, journalist Kevan Christie invites former grade one referee, Stuart Dougal to give a unique birds eye view of sectarianism.

Stuart discusses how refereeing wasn’t his first career choice but after being intinced by a friend of his Dad’s to attend the training course he fell in love with the game.

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Stuart, a veteran of a dozen old firm derbies, has had a dynamic career as a referee and has been involved in many controversies from sending off Charlie Mulgrew to rescinding decisions he got wrong.

Referees are often called out by fans and clubs alike but Stuart reveals that the abuse referees get on the pitch ‘is just a wall of noise.’

When asked about sectarianism Stuart acknowledges that the old firm is where songs are still sung but doesn’t feel there is the same hatred behind it.

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