Edinburgh slated for 'atrocious' pavements and roads after visitor falls and breaks her hip

Tricia Wilding's long-planned birthday treat was ruined by her fall
Tricia Wilding's long-planned birthday treat was ruined by her fall
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A VISITOR to Edinburgh has hit out at the “atrocious” state of the Capital’s roads and pavements after his wife tripped in Rose Street and ended up in hospital with a broken hip on her birthday, ruining their plans for a slap-up meal and a visit to the Tattoo.

Chris Wilding, 76, is considering launching legal action against the city council after the injury to his wife Tricia, 71.

The couple, from Devon, arrived in Edinburgh just the day before the accident last Tuesday.

Mr Wilding, a retired bus company manager, said: “We went to the Georgian House in Charlotte Square, had some lunch and then we were just walking along Rose Street, which was fairly busy. My wife just stumbled on this very poor paving and fell and broke her hip.”

The accident happened close to the Kenilworth pub.

“Fortunately there was a first aider passing by who made sure she didn’t move and checked there was nothing else wrong.

“We called an ambulance and she had an emergency hip replacement operation the next day.”

Mr Wilding was full of praise for people who helped at the scene.

“The staff at the nail bar at 125 George Street came out with pillows and the ambulance paramedic was absolutely marvellous.”

But he said: “According to the manager of the nail bar this is happening about once a week.”

He said his wife had stumbled because of uneven cobbles around a manhole cover.

“You can’t really see it if you’re walking along and there are a lot of people around. But if you stop and look at it, there is this manhole cover and the ground has collapsed on each side so you’ve got a sloping side on it.”

Mrs Wilding found herself admitted to Edinburgh’s Royal Infirmary instead of enjoying a birthday meal at the Sheraton and then going onto the Tattoo.

Mr Wilding made on online report of the accident to the council.

But he said: “I’m seriously thinking about seeing my solicitor when we get home.

“I’m not the kind of person who says ‘Sue them for this, sue them for that’.

“But this I think is so totally unnecessary and people have said the council is having to pay out on these claims all the time.

“The amount of money they are paying out would be far better spent on a little bit of attention to the pavements.”

And he said poor maintenance seemed widespread.

“Travelling around Edinburgh the state of the pavements and roads is atrocious.

“It appears to be an affluent city, but they just seem to be paying no attention to it at all.

“Even a journey on the buses is an absolute pain because of all the bumps.

“It’s letting down what is a lovely city.”

Mr Wilding has had to extend his stay in the Capital beyond their original dates but been given accommodation by a good samaritan who learned of his predicament.

A council spokeswoman said the council was looking into the situation.