Edinburgh lottery winner Jane Park is selling £50 topless pictures for charity

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Edinburgh-born Euromillions winner Jane Park has revealed she is selling topless pictures online for £50 a shot - and says the proceeds are going to charity.

The 23-year-old is the UK's youngest lottery winner, winning £1 million at just 17 on her first ticket. She has since gone on to spend the money on expensive cars, holidays and plastic surgery.

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In a tweet posted today, Ms Park wrote: "Feel so empowered! I’ve been selling topless pictures online to men desperate to see my boobs for £50+ & donated the money to charity.

"I feel like Robin Hood. Taking money from wealthier men wanting to perve & giving to the less wealthy who want to eat #empowerment #RobinHood."

And the former admin temp went on to add: "Before people start asking ... 1) no I don’t post full nudes 2) no I’m not skint and 3) no I don’t need a new job, I already have one being a landlord for all my property and managing my investments this is purely about feeling empowered and helping others."

Jane Park.

Jane Park.

Many have already been reacting online to her post.

One tweeter, @yantheman67, wrote: "Robin Nude, Robin Nude riding through the Glen...."

Another, @Prayer_inC, said: "Hats off to you gal folk will always pipe up with their negative opinions but they’re the same folk sending their scuddies for free."

And @themickeytrain said: "It’s great that you’re doing it for charity well done Jane."