Disney World top of 'travel bucket list' for Scottish families

Disney World and Lapland top the lost of dream destinations for Scottish families, a poll has revealed.

Disney World is top of Scots' family travel list.
Disney World is top of Scots' family travel list.

The report found that the two trips are the experiences most parents want to give their children on their “family travel bucket lists” - as well as an extended family road trip.

Other popular wish-list experiences include diving in the Great Barrier Reef and sailing down the Ganges. Meanwhile, one in ten parents say that a family appearance on a TV show is one experience which they hope to achieve for their offspring.

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Lapland has become a popular Christmas experience for families in recent years with the increase in package holidays available where youngsters can visit Santa’s workshop and experience activities such as husky dog sledding.

Safaris and extended road trips also made the list.

The study shows that bucket lists are rated as very important by Scottish families as nearly three quarters of parents said they have a list of dream experiences for their families.

The report said that mums and dads are more safety conscious as more than a quarter of parents would now choose safer experiences for their bucket lists than in the past. The cost is also a priority for families as nearly a quarter consider cheaper activities even when asked about their dream destinations.

However, the study from Sainsbury’s Bank also reveals that 21 per cent of parents wish to give their children experiences they never had. Parents like to put their children first with 17 per cent choosing experiences their children will enjoy more.

Karen Hogg, head of travel insurance at Sainsbury’s Bank said: “Holidays, and taking part in a dream experience, are clearly a top priority for UK families.”

UK-wide, other experiences made the list which did not inetrest Scottish families. Although a trip to Disney World in Florida remained top priority for UK families, followed by a safari, visiting each continent and taking a family sabbatical - such as a year-long around-the-world trip - were also top bucket list activities for UK families which did not feature on the Scottish list.