'Dazed' Badger which fell through shop roof onto perfume counter was sheltering from Storm Ciara

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A hapless badger caused chaos after plunging through the roof of a Superdrug store while taking shelter from Storm Ciara in a ventilation shaft.

Stunned staff said the animal made "quite a mess of the perfume counter" after it ran amok in the shop at Northampton's Grosvenor Centre at the weekend.

A badger had to be rescued from a Superdrug store in Northampton after it plunged through the roof. Picture: Northampton Badger Group

A badger had to be rescued from a Superdrug store in Northampton after it plunged through the roof. Picture: Northampton Badger Group

The Northamptonshire Badger Group was called to rescue the "dazed and confused" female badger after it fell from the rafters at around 9am on Sunday.

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The charity was able to to capture the creature unharmed and release it back into the wild at a conservation area today.

'Strangest rescue'

Billette Marsham, 63, of Northampton Badger Group, said: "We were called to the shop and worked out how to rescue it.

"The badger was a bit dazed and confused but otherwise unhurt. It was one of the strangest rescues I've ever done but it all went to plan.

"The fall might have shocked her but thankfully badgers have thick skulls.

"She was very beautiful and calm. It's rare to see one in such good condition - badgers are normally quite gnarled or missing an ear or something.

"I caught it using a special black net that looks like a hole to badgers. It had found itself a dark hole to hide in a pillar on the shop floor.

Perfume counter

"It had made a quite mess of the perfume counter and there were bottles all over the place.

"I held out the net and was able to use a mirror to check it was still in the pillar.

"I gently prodded it to move into the net and it went straight in there, and then we lifted it into a cage.

"The rescue took about ten minutes. We covered it up and took it to freedom.

"It's so unusual a badger ended up there in the first place.

"How it got there I can only think it came through the carpark. It must have got into one of the vents or air ducts. For it to be where it was is a mystery.

"It might have come in from a set down by the river a kilometre away.

"Badgers can walk for miles in search of food and this one must have gotten lost.

"It was in good condition and very well-fed. That might be why it fell through the ceiling.

"It wasn't hurt, it was fine. It was so healthy, one of the nicest badgers I've seen.

"Badgers are known for the strength of their skulls and their body. Their strength is phenomenal and it can be quite tricky to catch.

"We couldn't risk releasing it near other badgers because it could get attacked.

"We took it far away to a conservation area to give it a chance of making its own home."

Safely released

A Superdrug spokeswoman said: "We can confirm that our Northampton store had to remain closed on Sunday due to a visiting badger who snuck in through a ventilation shaft to take shelter from Storm Ciara.

"We would like to thank Northamptonshire Badger Group who swiftly arrived to remove the badger and safely released her back to the wild.

"The store is open and trading as normal."