Club boss Haydn Pope leaves Glasgow nighclub AXM to charity

A GENEROUS businessman has left a Glasgow nightclub to charity in his will.

Haydn Pope, nightclub owner.

Haydn Pope, who died from cancer last month, left AXM nightclub, on Glassford Street in Glasgow, to the Scottish charity Moni Malawi.

The 48-year-old had already donated more than £30,000 to the charity, which in the past seven years has helped support 1,000 school pupils in the country.

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All the profits from the club will now go to the Moni Malwai organisation.

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Chairman of Moni Malwai said: “What an amazing gesture from such a wonderfully kind guy. Seriously there can only be a handful of people who would make such a gesture. This was not a knee jerk decision but something he decided a few years back. He knew this money could make a real difference in Malawi. He had seen the work that Moni Malawi do and he always wanted to help.

“In the seven years I have known Haydn he was always incredibly generous. Personal wealth did not motivate him as he was more interested in creating a legacy. He was not the kind of guy who would give to every charity but rather pick charities that meant something to him or he knew the folk behind the charity were genuine. Haydn disliked the charities that published accounts showing they spent £50k on stationary etc.

“When Haydn visited Malawi he watched first hand at the work Moni Malawi have been doing and although he knew about the projects, the scale of them never really hits you until you visit. He was there when the school was being built and indeed one of the school blocks was named after AXM.

“During Haydn’s time in Malawi we visited the orphanage everyday at his request. Each day he would go and visit baby Angela. She would hold his pinky and he would talk to her and the 2 of them were so happy with each other. He took that much of a shine to Baby Angela that he tried to adopt her.

“Moni Malawi via Haydn have supported little Angela and will continue to support her through school etc.

“Haydn Pope may have passed away at the incredibly young age of 48 but his name will live forever. He will always be Mr AXM and now the guy who donated his night club to charity (Moni Malawi). The charity will insure that Haydn’s name will last forever.”