Cloudflare down: Discord, Twitter, NordVPN, Google, Coinbase, Shopify, DoorDash, Groww, Buffer, iSpirt, Upstox and Social Blade all suffer as part of outage

Cloudflare experienced a global outage this morning cutting off access to hundreds of sites all around the world.

Cloudflare being down impacted several popular services including some Google services, Twitter, Discord, League of Legends, Social Blade and more with users experiencing an error message as sites crashed.

What sites were down as part of the Cloudflare outage?

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Crowdsourced web monitoring tool Downdetector, that tracks outages, showed numerous sites reported numerous sites such as Twitter, Google Maps, Google, Canva, Shopify and AWS were all experiencing issues.

Cloudflare experienced a global outage this morning with many sites crashing.

Roblox, Skype, Amazon and Google Meet have also faced issues.

The National Rail site was also down as a result of the outage, on the day that many workers in the UK went on strike.

The internet infrastructure firm said it is investigating the “wide-spread” issue after users were met with 'Error 500' messages, leaving them unable to access sites.

Following the outage Cloudflare said: "Cloudflare is investigating wide-spread issues with our services and/or network.

A screengrab from DownDetector showing the outage map
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"Users may experience errors or timeouts reaching Cloudflare’s network or services."

The tech company claims to have now identified the issue and is working on a fix.

Cloudflare has since said it has identified the issue that caused the outage with several businesses confirming that their site was online following the resolution and is “monitoring the results”.

Downdetector displayed many sites experiencing issues

What is Cloudflare?

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Cloudflare acts as a pathway between sites and internet users – with those browsing going through Cloudflare servers on many popular sites.

The US company is a content delivery service and its technology helps to power many of the major websites used by internet users every day.

Cloudflare is used by more than 26 million sites and processes more than 1 billion IP addresses every single day.

Not only does the service make the browsing smoother and more secure, but it also helps companies protect themselves against malicious traffic ensures greater security.

Cloudflare status

Cloudflare says it has now issued a fix for the problem and is 'monitoring the results'.

By 9am, Down Detector showed many websites starting to come back online in the wake of the outage.