Chef’s wife screams out running to de-stress

Picture: REX/Shutterstock
Picture: REX/Shutterstock
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Tana Ramsay has said she cries and screams while out running to release stress and anxiety

The wife of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay said she uses exercise to help her combat feelings of sadness.

In 2016 she suffered a late miscarriage while 21 weeks pregnant with the couple’s fifth child and in June 2017 her father was jailed for six months for computer hacking as part of a bitter feud with her husband.

She told a Sunday newspaper: “It’s easy to put a smile on and say, ‘Everything is absolutely fine!’

“But when you’re running, with your music on, you can cry. You can scream. That’s important.

“You can’t keep it in because it comes back to haunt you if you haven’t processed it. That’s what causes long-term problems.

“What it does is allow you to process things. Whether it is cycling and chatting together, or running and having a cry on your own, you have to have that release.

“You also have to have those moments where you allow yourself to feel really sad, when you’re thinking, ‘Why me?’ We’re all going to think like that occasionally. It means we can handle it. It has drawn us together as a family.

“It’s also important to talk with the children and not just think everything is fine. Gordon’s a really big one for talking. Sometimes I just say to him ‘Seriously?’, and he’s like: ‘No, we have to talk about it.’ Sometimes that’s irritating.”

Ramsay, 43, said she also sees exercise as a good way to spend time with her husband.

She told the newspaper: “We’ve always been good at spending time away from the kids, just the two of us.

“Finding something which helps you remember what you like in that person, after so many years of marriage, is great.

“Gordon might have been away all week in the US, but we’ll go out early in the morning and spend several hours on our bikes and catch up.

“For me, a mum in my forties, it’s also about doing something just to feel good about myself. I’ve given the kids all of my attention for all of these years, so it’s time for me. I really enjoy it - it’s so social.”

She said she has also been inspired by her father Chris Hutcheson, who is now out of prison.

Asked if they are all back in touch, she said: “Oh yes, absolutely.”

She added: “My father has just had a hip replacement and has been on this health regime. He’s lost a stone in three weeks and ran his 90th marathon in April with three of his grandchildren and one of his sons. I’d like to aspire to that.”