'Best day of my life' - Edinburgh Spice Girls fan battling cancer meets idols backstage at Murrayfield gig

Emma McKean with the Spice Girls. Pic: contributed.
Emma McKean with the Spice Girls. Pic: contributed.
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A 25-year-old Spice Girls fan from Edinburgh who is battling cancer had the "best day of her life" after meeting her idols backstage before the Murrayfield gig.

Emma McKean, who is battling Hodgkin's Lymphoma for a second time, was contacted by the band to spend the day with them on Saturday.

Emma in the crowd enjoying the gig.

Emma in the crowd enjoying the gig.

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During the song 'Let Love Lead The Way,' Mel C pointed to Emma in the crowd while singing the lyrics 'You may feel weak but you are strong.'

Speaking after the gig, Emma said it was "the best day of my life," adding: "It was a hugely emotional and humbling moment.

"I was shocked and overcome but totally honoured. The song (Let Love Lead The Way) will be forever special to me now. The words have always resonated in me but now they're engraved in my very existence.

The Spice Girls during the tour.

The Spice Girls during the tour.

"I'm an Edinburgh girl so it was an extra privilege to have the girls play in my home city."

Emma said when she met the band members they asked her how she was, how treatment was going and what is happening next for her.

She recalled one particularly "surreal, dreamlike moment" sitting with Geri on a Union Jack bed as they spoke about treatment - and Geri told Emma she'd be in her prayers.

Emma, who is a full time support worker for adults with learning difficulties, said she had only been back to work for six weeks after beating the disease in December before scans showed it had returned.

Geri throws a tartan scarf towards Emma.

Geri throws a tartan scarf towards Emma.

The superfan bought tickets for the gigs in Dublin, Manchester, Sunderland, Edinburgh and all three nights at Wembley - but she couldn't make the opening show in Dublin because of her treatment.

She said she wasn't meant to be at the Manchester gig as she was having her stem cells harvested for a bone marrow transplant, which works much like dialysis. But she came off the machine in Edinburgh at 2pm on Friday, May 31st and took a train straight there to join her friend just before the band went on stage.

Emma said she will be receiving radiotherapy and a bone marrow stem cell transplant later this month.

Emma has seen the Spice Girls perform live three times before this tour - Glasgow in 1998 and twice in London in 2008.

She said she loves the Spice Girls because they embodied a movement she connected with and taught her strength, courage and to never doubt her abilities and embrace her individuality.